Our Focus

At MAGENTA, we focus on some emerging technologies that have a potential to bring a lot of value to the industires we serve. We continuously follow the global trends and think critically on how to apply them in our customers' operations with a tailored and holistic perspective. This is our main competitive advantage where we make a real difference. 

  • Connected Home Technologies     

Today's connected home technologies provide greater energy & time efficiency, improved safety and utmost level of convenience. MAGENTA is helping household appliance and smart phone manufacturers in Turkey with the supply of the most critical components used in smart home technologies. 


  • Custom Designed Laminate Solutions

OEMs need advanced laminate materials for their PCB applications as the complexity of their projects increases. Standard solutions do not meet their requirements and they need superior R&D support during the design phase of their materials. MAGENTA is the first company in Turkey to provide not only standard PCB solutions but also the R&D support for the design of the best laminates for the specific needs of our customers.  


  • Turn-key solutions for Aerospace Projects

We are able to provide turn-key avionic solutions with all kinds of components including but not limited to; connectors, switches, encoders, cable assemblies and a wide range of monitors. With such a service, we help our customers to focus on their core businesses rather than dealing with every details of their projects.


 We are committed to future development and continuous improvement of our capabilities.