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At MAGENTA, we focus on emerging technologies that have significant potential in bringing value to the industries we serve. We continuously follow the global trends and think critically on how to apply them in our customers' operations with a tailored and holistic perspective.
Currently our focus areas are;

Cryptography Solutions (Partners: ID Qauntique, Rapid Mobile)

Traditional security is being challenged every day. With the goal of ensuring long term protection of data and public safety we work closely with our partners to design the right cryptography solution for each project. We use quantum technology in the distribution of cryptographic keys which enables the guaranteed distribution of keys between remote users in a secure way. We also provide solutions that solves the problems of interoperability among different brand equipment. 

Interconnection Solutions (Partners: Cristek, S.A.IB., HSI, Outman)

For mission-critical land, sea, air, and space applications, we offer high technology and high reliability connector and cable solutions. Our connector portfolio covers the full range of the spectrum of products including harsh environment connectors, fiber optic connectors and high speed interconnect products. Our core competence is our ability to design the most suitable connector solution for any challenging project. 

Semiconductor Laser Components (Partner: Xinghan Laser)

For Industrial and Consumer sectors, we provide high-power semiconductor laser chips and components. The products are mainly used in the fields of industrial laser pumping, laser scientific research, biological laser medicine, laser display and laser radar.

Optics and Cameras (Partner: Savgood)

Magenta offers high precision optical components. We are continuously adopting the latest technology to enable us to develop the highest standard optics for defense and avionics industries. From prototype to mass production, our partners have the capability to deliver all of our customer needs with very short lead times. 

Antenna Solutions (Partner: Kathrein BCA)

We provide technically perfected antenna and signal processing solutions for the most demanding and environmentally challenging projects. What excites us most is to work on a project where the requirements cannot be met with the conventional methods and thus the only way is to come up with a custom-made solution with dedication of high level of engineering. Ultimate solution will be precisely tailored according to the customer specifications and the selected materials will provide a long product life when combined with the best RF performance. 

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