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S.A.I.B. Connectique

S.A.I.B. designs and produces electrical connectors for applications in harsh environments, where reliability is the top priority.  S.A.I.B. is also an expert in producing specific connections to customer requirements (wiring receptacles or harnesses).

CMA Series

The CMA connectors are watertight stainless steel connectors with Push-Pull locking system. They are equipped with 4, 6, 10, 14 or 22 solder or crimp contacts allowing the connection of wires, the connection on printed circuits, or even the integration of encryption keys. Specific adapters also allow connections to more standard technologies (CMA – USB, CMA – RJ45, etc.) 

EB24 Series

These aluminum connectors with SurTec-Lanthanum coating have been designed for railway rolling stocks (connections of equipment like antennas, odometers, etc. under trains, tramways, subways) and are in accordance with the NF F61-030 standard. They are fitted with 19 crimp contacts accepting wires from 0,5 mm² to 1,5 mm² cross-sectional area. To achieve a high reliability level, ensure low contact resistances and an unequalled resistance to vibrations, the contacts used are nickel-gold plated hermaphroditic contacts, patented by SAIB Connectique, and complying with the requirements of standard NF F 61-030. 

425 Series

The 425 Series connectors are watertight stainless steel connectors with bayonet locking system. They are registered in the ‘GAM’ defence specifications, and comply with the VG 95351 and VG 96934 standards, as well as with the technical specifications related to the development of electronics & telecommunication materials. They are equipped with 7 or 10 solder or crimp contacts allowing the connection of wires or the connection on printed circuits. Thanks to their piston technology, the contacts also offer the advantage of self-cleaning themselves while mating / unmating, which is particularly efficient during military on-field operations.

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