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ID Quantique - Quantum. Trust Enabled for the Future

Delivering true Quantum randomness and unbreakable keys for greater trust.

ID Quantique (IDQ) harnesses light to develop and industrialize advanced quantum products and technologies for organizations to ensure long-term protection of data and public safety.

A global leader in Quantum-Safe Security and Quantum Sensing

ID Quantique is a global company with offices and engineering labs located around the world. Continuous passion, a strong focus on innovation and the flexibility and experience of a dedicated team have allowed IDQ to establish itself as a leader in the fields of quantum-safe cryptography, scientific instrumentation and random number generation. IDQ is dedicated to remaining the global leader in Quantum Sensing & Quantum Cryptography solutions. Its products are used by governments, enterprises, and industrial customers and by academic research labs in more than 60 countries and on every continent.

IDQ is organized in two business units:

Quantum-Safe Security

ID Quantique provides high-performance quantum-safe security solutions for the protection of data in transit. By upgrading existing network encryption products with Quantum Key Distribution (aka quantum cryptography), IDQ ensures that the solutions are “quantum-safe”. This ensures the long-term protection of sensitive data into and beyond the quantum era when quantum computers will render most of today’s conventional encryption algorithms vulnerable.

IDQ also develops and commercializes random number generators based on quantum physics, which are the reference for true randomness in several industries, including security, simulations and gaming.

Quantum Sensing

ID Quantique provides photon counting solutions for the visible and near infrared regions of the optical spectrum, pulsed laser sources, counting & timing electronics and photonic sensing solutions for both industrial and research applications in various domains such as Quantum Physics, Communication, Bio and Material Sciences, Defense and Security, Oil & Gas, etc. With 20 years of experience and from OEM to integrated solutions, IDQ’s range of products helps customers to solve complex scientific and industrial problems with state-of-the-art tools and instrumentation combined with real-world experience.

In addition, IDQ is committed to establish standards in the emerging quantum industry, and is working with several organizations such as ETSI, ITU to bring standardization and assure quality across the industry.

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