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Cristek Interconnects

Cristek Interconnect's extensive range of interconnect technologies and deep commitment to process discipline provide even the most demanding customers with rapid, seamless progression through concept, proof of design, proof of manufacture and full scale production.

Cristek leverages its vertical integration and engineering expertise to distinguish itself as a best-in-class cable, harness and complex electromechanical assembly manufacturer. Cristek is one of only a handful of interconnect suppliers with expertise in DC through 67 GHz RF frequency connector, cable and electromechanical design and assembly.

Cristek's expertise in nanominiature and microminiature connector technology also makes it the company of choice for standard applications as well as custom solutions for high-density, high-reliability interconnects in both rectangular and circular configurations. Adding EMI filtering and hermetic sealing to its connectors while designing and manufacturing application-specific connectors and next-level assemblies for ultra-high-speed, matched-impedance requirements puts Cristek in a class by itself when it comes to solving mission-critical challenges.

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