About Us

MAGENTA is a supplier of critical technologies and components in a wide range of countries. We focus on a limited number of highly demanding industries and most of our solutions are custom made; which are designed as per the unique needs of our customers.  

A critical part of our business is to find, evaluate and develop the best solutions for our market. We develop partnerships with designers and manufacturers that are true experts in their areas. Experts; who are only motivated by creating great value and that are always seeking best benefits for our customers.  

We measure our success by the value we provide for the ultimate success of our clients' end products.


What differentiates Magenta?

Precision Engineering and Continuous Support: We understand that defense and avionics projects require long term commitments that ultimately produce solutions with industry-leading tolerances. Magenta differentiates itself from others by providing continuous support to the design engineers, no matter how long that support may be required. 

Strong Partnerships: We recognize that every project comes with its own set of challenges and requirements. We opt to collaborate with partners who consistently embrace fresh problems and have the engineering capabilities to craft products with a keen emphasis on longevity, precision, and effortless incorporation into your design. 

Eco-Conscious Commitment: We're not just dedicated to connecting devices; we're committed to connecting with our planet. Our eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials reflect our belief in creating a greener, better future for all.

Unrivaled Performance: Our solutions are designed for peak performance, reducing signal loss and maximizing efficiency. From aerospace to telecommunications, from healthcare to space applications – we empower industries to perform at their best.